Installing and Configuring J9087A  HP 2610-PoE Switch

Using the Console Setup Screen

The quickest and easiest way to minimally configure the switch for management and password protection in your network is to use a direct console connection to the switch, start a console session, and access the
Switch Setup screen.

  1. Using the method described in the preceding section, connect a terminal device to the switch and display the switch console command line interface (CLI) prompt (the default display). The CLI prompt appears, for example:

  2. At the prompt, enter the setup command to display the Switch Setup screen.
  3. Use the [Tab] key to select the Manager Password field and enter a manager password of up to 16 printable ASCII characters.
  4. Leave the Logon default, CLI. Set the Time Zone to -360. Leave the Community Name default.
  5. Leave the Spanning Tree as default. Enter your networks Default Gateway.
  6. Set the Time Sync method to SNTP, and set the SNTP mode to Unicast, server address to
  7. [Tab] to the IP Config (DHCP/Bootp) field and use the Space bar to select the Manual option.
  8. [Tab] to the IP Address field and enter the IP address that is compatible with your network.
  9. [Tab] to the Subnet Mask field and enter the subnet mask used for your network.
  10. Press [Enter], then [S] (for Save).

This procedure configures your switch with a Manager password, IP address, and subnet mask. As a result, with the proper network connections, you can now manage the switch from a PC equipped with Telnet, and/or a web browser interface.

Starting a Web Browser Session

The Switch 2610 Series can be managed through a graphical interface that you can access from any PC or workstation on the network by running your web browser and typing in the switch's IP address as the URL. Once logged in, go to the Configuration tab and click Upload/Download. Click on the Upload button and browse to the *.swi image. Check Reboot, then click Upload. Authentication required.

After you have configured the switch, it's a good idea to save the config to file. From cli run:
copy <startup-config | running-config> tftp <ip-addr> <remote-file>

To Recover from a Lost Manager Password: If you cannot start a console session at the manager level because of a lost Manager password, you can clear all passwords and user names by getting physical access to the switch and pressing and holding the Clear button for a full second.

To Restore the Factory Default Configuration

This process removes all switch configuration changes that you have made from the factory default settings.

  1. Using pointed objects, simultaneously press both the Reset and Clear buttons on the front of the switch. The power and fault lights come on.
  2. Continue to press the Clear button while releasing the Reset button.
  3. When the Self Test LED begins to flash, release the Clear button.
    The switch will then complete its self test and begin operating with its configuration restored to the factory default settings.

To restore the factory default configuration using the console, execute the erase startup-config command from the console command prompt.