Sysprep XP SP3 / Copy Administrator Profile

When you sysprep a machine you are basically wanting to clone the settings from that machine to another one. You also want it to copy those changes to each profile, correct? Well, in order for the sysprep to successfully copy over the administrator profile to the default profile for each user you have to add an extra line to the sysprep.inf file.

  1. The first step is to download the Sysprep App which is included in the CAB file for Windows XP Service Pack 3 Deployment Tools. (Download Sysprep Tool) or expand from drive:\Support\Tools\
  2. Next go to the PC you are going to be sysprepping and create a folder on the root of the C: drive called Sysprep. Extract the contents of the file you downloaded to the sysprep folder on the root of the C: drive.
  3. Now we are going to run the sysprep Setup Manager. Double click on setupmgr.exe. Click Next and it is going to ask you whether you want to modify an existing Answer File or create a new one. We are wanting to create new, click next.
  4. You now have three options: Unattended Setup, Sysprep Setup, or Remote Installation Services (RIS). In this example we are going to select the Sysprep setup option and then click next. (This creates a sysprep.inf file)
  5. Select Windows XP Professional and click next.
  6. In this step it is asking you if you want to fully automate the installation. That is up to you, either way works fine.
  7. Now we are at the configuration page. There is a lot in here so I am not going to go into detail. In fact, you don’t even need to input anything here for the sysprep to just work. However, everything you input in here will save you time and help shape your image.
  8. Once you are all done, you should be at the bottom and selected on “Identification String”; click Finish and it is going to prompt you for a location to create and save the sysprep.inf file. The default location is fine, as it will need to be within that sysprep folder on your C: drive. Once you hit ok you will then need to click “Cancel”. There is no close button.
  9. Now you should verify the sysprep.inf file by double clicking on it and opening it up with Notepad.

    There were a few changes with Windows XP Service Pack 3 and sysprep. The administrator’s profile is no longer copied over to the default profile. You will need to add a line within the sysprep.inf file to regain this important function. Under the InstallFilesPath section add this:
  10. Now you are ready to start the sysprep, reboot, and capture your sysprepped image. Double click on the sysprep.exe and then select the following three options in order: Use Mini-Setup, Shutdown Mode: Reboot, and click Reseal.

    Make sure you have your media ready to capture your image. If you reboot fully without booting to your capturing software it will ruin the sysprep and you will have to redo the sysprep.