Upgrading firmware of Yealink phones from the 3CX Mgmnt Console

This is how you upgrade the firmware of your Yealink phones in your network from the 3CX Management console. We will upgrade a Yealink T22 to the latest firmware. Pre-requisites

Download the appropriate firmware from the Yealink website

Extract the contents of this rar archive to a location on your computer.

Upgrading the firmware

  1. Open the 3CX Management console, click on Settings->Phone Provisioning ->Firmware. Double click on the T22[D] and click Add Firmware. Add the firmware from the extracted file you previously downloaded from Yealink example

  2. Now click on the Phones node, and select one or more phones for which you want to upgrade this firmware. In our example, select the Yealink entry and click on Upgrade Firmware. You can upgrade firmware of multiple phones at the same time, however ensure that this firmware matches for ALL THE PHONES you select. An Upgrade firmware dialog will show – double click on the T22[D] directory and select the firmware. Press OK

  3. A confirmation dialog will be displayed informing you that your phone/s will be updated with the following firmware Image. Press Yes to complete firmware updating. The Yealink T22 phone will reboot and will load the firmware from the 3CX Web server on bootup.