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Making a Conference Call

Call conferencing allows you to easily setup a conference call for up to 32 callers (license permitting). Although many conference call services exist, it’s often easier and cheaper to host your own audio conferences. Conferences can be set-up ad hoc, without the need to reserve a conference room. This has been done to simplify the set-up of conference calls. You can create a conference call by dialing the conference number directly by phone, or by using the 3CX MyPhone.

Creating a Conference from 3CX MyPhone

To create a conference call when already on a call:

  1. Click on the button ‘Create Conference’  shown below your active call.
  2. The Create Conference Dialog will appear.
  3. Specify a name for the conference.
  4. Now add one or more parties to the conference, click ‘>’ and click OK. You can add External Participants by specifying their telephone number (including any prefix that may be required).
  5. The Conference will be created and new parties and your existing called party will be joined to this conference.
  6. You will be disconnected and automatically called by the conference service and joined to the conference.

To create a new conference call:Conference Features in 3CX MyPhone

  1. In the Call Conference tab, click on the create conference button.
  2. The Create Call Conference dialog will appear with you as a participant.
  3. Specify a name for the conference.
  4. You can add additional participants by selecting one or more extensions on the left hand side and clicking on the arrow ‘>’.
  5. You can add External Participants by including their telephone number (including any prefix that may be required) and clicking ‘>’.
  6. Click OK to create the call conference.
  7. All participants will be called by the PBX, they just need to answer the phone to join the conference.

Creating a Conference from your Phone

If you wish to setup a call conference directly from your phone, you will need to inform the other participants of the number they need to dial and the conference ID. For example, internal callers will need to dial 700 but external participants will need to dial a specific DID or else dial 700 at the IVR menu. After that they need to enter the conference ID that you will use for the conference call. To setup a call conference directly from your desk phone:

  1. Dial the conference extension number, by default this is 700.
  2. You will be requested to enter a conference ID. This can be any number, for example ‘100’. If the phone system requires a security PIN to create a call conference, you must enter it after the conference ID, separated by a *, for example: 100*0000 (where 100 is the conference ID and 0000 the system wide conference PIN).
  3. All callers that wish to join the conference must specify the same conference ID!.
  4. If your administrator has configured that 3CX requires a PIN to create a conference, enter it now. This PIN will only be required by the person creating the conference.
  5. If you are the first participant, the conference system will ask you to confirm creation of the conference. Press * to confirm or # to cancel.
  6. You will be asked to speak your name after the beep and press a button to continue.
  7. You will now enter the conference. If you are the first caller, you will hear music on hold, whilst you wait for the other callers. As soon as another caller joins, his name will be announced.