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Making Calls via MyPhone

Although 3CX MyPhone is not a phone (it works in tandem with your existing deskphone or softphone), it is very easy to launch phone calls from 3CX MyPhone. When you make a call from 3CX MyPhone, 3CX Phone System will dial the number for you and call your extension so that you can pick up the call. You can make calls from 3CX MyPhone in the following ways:

  1. Dial the number or enter the name in the Dial Edit box.
  2. Double click on an Outbound, Inbound, missed call or extension.
  3. Enter the number from the Dial Pad.
  4. Select a number in another application or web page and hit a hotkey.
  5. By selecting a contact in Microsoft Outlook and clicking the ‘Call Contact’ option.

Dial the Number or Enter the Name in the Dial Edit Box

To launch a call, simply:

  1. Enter the number in the Dial Edit box and hit Dial.
  2. Alternatively enter a name present in the corporate or personal phonebook. 3CX MyPhone will try to auto-complete the name. Hit Dial to launch the call.

Double Click on an Outbound, Inbound or Missed Call

To return a missed call or re launch a previous call:

  1. Go to the Call History tab.
  2. Double click on any entry to launch the call or
  3. Select an entry, right click and you can either call this number directly or edit the number. The Dial Pad will show up which allows you to edit the number before you dial it.

Enter the Number from the DialPad in the DialPad Tab

If you prefer to use an old fashioned style Dial Pad:

  1. Go to the Dial Pad tab.
  2. Enter the number you wish to dial.
  3. Hit the Green Dial icon.

Select a Number in Another Application or Web Page and Hit a Hotkey

3CX MyPhone (requires local installation) also allows you to select a number in another application, such as a document or a web page and hit a hotkey to automatically dial it.

  1. Select the number that you wish to dial.
  2. Now hit HotKey F11 (configurable) to dial the number immediately.

From within Microsoft Outlook

If you use Microsoft Outlook or any TAPI compliant application and store all your phone numbers in Outlook contacts, you can easily launch calls directly from Outlook. To do this:

How to call a contact from Outlook and 3CX MyPhone

1. Right click on the contact in Microsoft Outlook, and select ‘Call contact’ The Microsoft Outlook New Call dialog will appear.

Making a new call with Outlook and 3CX MyPhone

2. The first time you use the Microsoft Outlook integration, click on ‘Dialing Options’. In the section ‘Connect using line’, select the entry 3CX TAPI Service Provider. Click OK to exit the dialog. The next time you will not need to perform this action

Configuring Dialing Options for making calls in Outlook

3. Now you can click the start call button. The call will be set-up directly to your phone.