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Call Queues

3CX Phone System features Call Queues, which allows callers to be queued until agents are able to take the call. The actual configuration of who is an agent is done from the 3CX management console.

Logging into a Call Queue

If you are an agent for a queue, you need to login to the queues to let the phone system know that you are available to start taking calls. This avoids calls being sent to your extension without you being available.

To login to all Call Queues that you are a member of, click on the queue login button next to the missed call and new message icons.

You can also configure to be logged in to queues automatically during office hours by going to the Forwarding rules > Out Of Office tab.

Queue Status

Note: Extended information is only available if you have the Call Centre Module

The Queue status tab in 3CX MyPhone shows all calls that are queued in 3CX Phone System. In addition, it shows all available queues, their statistics and the agents logged in to the queue with their statistics.

3CX MyPhone Queue Tab

The Status Column

The status column shows:

  1. For a Queue: The number of callers on a call with an agent / Number of callers waiting in queue.
  2. For an Agent their status:
    1. Waiting – An agent is logged in and waiting to take a call.
    2. Q:10.02 – On a call Queue call with call duration.
    3. I:5.00 – On an internal call with call duration.
    4. E:3.00 – On an external call with call duration.

The Answered Column

  1. For a Queue: The number of answered calls.
  2. For an Agent: The number of answered calls.

The Abandoned Column

  1. For a Queue – The number of calls not answered AND the Abandon rate percentage (number of calls not answered/hung up versus number of answered calls).
  2. For an Agent – The number of calls directed to this extension from the queue but NOT picked up.

The Info Column

  1. For a Queue – The Longest wait time, i.e. the longest time someone waited in queue.
  2. For an Agent - Login and Logout time of agent.

The Other Column

  1. For a Queue – The Average wait time / Average talk time for a customer.
  2. For an Agent - Total talk time for this session.