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Receiving Calls

3CX MyPhone makes receiving calls easier by allowing you to control calls with a few mouse clicks rather then via a cryptic phone interface.

Handling Incoming Calls

Receiving a Call with 3CX MyPhoneWhen you receive a phone call, 3CX MyPhone will automatically pop up on your screen and show you the caller ID of the caller – and if the caller is known to 3CX Phone System (because the caller is in the phonebook) – list the caller name.  You can pick up your phone, or you can click on any of the buttons next to the call to:

  1. Reject the call
  2. Divert the call to your voice mail
  3. Transfer the call to another user

Screen Pop-Up on Incoming Call

If you have the Microsoft Outlook or CRM integration installed, 3CX MyPhone will automatically try to match the caller ID of an inbound call to a customer record. If it finds a match, it will open the customer record automatically. When a contact is not found in Microsoft Outlook or your CRM package, you can automatically create it by clicking the “Click to create a new contact record” link.