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Receiving Voice Mail


If you are unavailable to take a call, 3CX Phone System can record a message from the caller. These messages can be heard in the following ways:

  • You can have the voice mail message emailed to you as a WAV attachment which can be played by Windows media player.
  • You can have a notification message emailed to you so that you can dial the voice mail system and listen to the voice mail by phone.
  • You can retrieve the voice mail by dialing 999 (default voice mail extension)

Retrieving Voice Mail by Phone

To retrieve your voice mail by phone:

  1. Dial the voice mail system extension. By default this is 9999. If you are outside the company, you can dial this number from any digital receptionist menu.
  2. Enter your extension number and when prompted your pin number. Press pound #.
  3. A prompt will be played with the number of read and unread messages in your voice mailbox.
  4. Press * to play your unread messages.
  5. During playback of voice mail, you have these options:
  • 0 - Skip to the next message.
  • 1 - Skip to the previous message.
  • 2 - Repeat current message.
  • 3 - Delete the current message and automatically go to the next message.
  • 4 - Call Back – this will trigger a call to the caller ID of the person who left the message.
  • 5 - Forward message to another extension.
  • 9 - To go to the Voice mail options menu.
  • # - To hang up the call.

Voice Mail Options Menu

The voice mail options menu allows you to set your status, configure your pin code and delete all read messages. It can be reached by entering 9 during message playback or during the welcome prompt. The following options are available:

  • 1 – to set your status.
  • 3 – to dial an external number or internal extension.
  • 4 – to delete all messages.
  • 5 – To record your name (used for call by name).
  • 6 – To play mailbox information.
  • 7 – To change pin number.
  • 8 – To change your voice mail greeting.
  • 9 – To repeat the prompt.
  • # – To exit the call.

Receiving Voice Mail in your Email Inbox

Voice Mail delivered via email by 3CX MyPhone

If your system is setup to attach the voice mail to your email, simply open up the email and double-click on the attachment. The voice mail has been attached in the wav format, so it will automatically be opened and played in media player.