Provisioning a CISCO SPA525G for VirtualPBX Phone System


  1. Make sure you have set up an account with Virtual PBX, one that is meant to be used with a self-configured IP phone. In doing this, you will get a DID (phone number) and a password from Virtual PBX.
  2. Plug in your phone. Connect to the network first, then add power.
  3. Find the phone's IP Address. Refer to the manufacturer's documentation for instructions on doing this.
  4. Go to the phone's web interface. From a computer attached to the same network as the phone, open a web browser and go to http://<IP Address>/.
  5. Enter account settings.
    1. Click "Admin Login" on the right side of the page.
    2. Next, click "advanced" on the right side of the page.
    3. Now configure your phone as shown below.
    4. When finished, click Submit All Changes and make sure the phone reboots.

Phone Settings:

  1. Disable unused line keys 2 - 5.
  2. Disable unsupported hardware features.
  3. Enter the Short Name for the Line Key 1. (your extension number)

Extension Settings:

  1. Enable the line. (Ext 1)
  2. Enable NAT.
  3. Enable DNS SRV and Proxy information.
  4. Enter Subscriber Information.